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  • How to Pressure Wash Dirt Away from Stone - dummies

    2020-7-20  After the snow finally melts away, it might be time to clean the dirt away from the exterior of your home. When you do get around to washing up outside, here are some hints to help you. Pay special attention to any horizontal areas including decorative trims on windows and doors and porch roofs. Pressure-washers []

  • 2 Tips for Cleaning Pool Coping DoItYourself

    1. Use an Acid Wash. One of the best things you can use to clean your pool coping is an acid wash. The acid will eat away any and all of the dirt and grime, leaving your pool coping sparkling clean. However, before you handle any acid at all, make sure you wear proper personal safety gear and follow the acid manufacturer's instructions.

  • How to Acid Wash a Swimming Pool: 7 Steps (with

    2020-1-29  Neutralize the pool after the acid-wash is complete. The acid-washing process leaves a foamy puddle of residue on the bottom of the pool that must be removed before it damages the plaster. Apply soda ash to the acid puddle, scrubbing the mixture with a pool brush. You will need to use 2 lb. (.9 kg) of soda ash per 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of acid.

  • How to Make Facial Cleansers - Humblebee Me

    I seem to be on a bit of a "concentrated" kick, partially inspired by my recent trip to Australia. I brought shampoo bars with me (that also ended up doubling as body wash), and found that all the use (aka getting wet) and the lack of time to dry between moves meant...

  • How to Acid Wash a Concrete Patio Hunker

    Put on old clothes, rubber boots, rubber gloves and eye protection. Fill a watering can or acid-safe sprayer with 1 gallon of water for every 60 to 75 square feet of the patio. Add the acid to the water, following the label directions for the strength of the solution. A typical strength might be 10 percent muriatic acid or 50 percent phosphoric ...

  • How to Clean Your Hard Drive - dummies

    2020-7-20  Clean your hard drive to keep it in tip top shape and your data safe. The best repair is the one you don’t have to make. If you can keep your computer up to date and in tune, you and your PC will live a happier, more productive life. Start by making sure that you []

  • Love Dirty Denim - Here is How to DIY - Denimology

    4. Rinse the items, and then wash and rinse again. You do not need to add detergent. 5. Dry in the usual manner. 6. Repeat steps 1-5 with the liquid tangerine Rit dye to give the denim an added “dirty” look (optional). 7. After dyeing, clean the washing machine by running it through a complete wash cycle with detergent and 1 to 2 cups of ...

  • How to Clean Roof Shingles - dummies

    2020-7-20  Cleaning roof shingles can restore your home’s curb appeal. If you know how to clean the roof shingles, you can get rid of those streaks or discolorations that can cause a perfectly good roof to look worn and tattered. Keeping your shingles clean doesn’t just make your neighbors happy; it also gets rid of mildew []

  • Purifying the Water While Camping - dummies

    2020-7-20  Don’t assume that water at a campground is safe to drink, even if it comes from a spigot. The water in lakes, rivers, and springs may look crystal clear but often contains various bacteria that can cause illness. Unless it is posted or an official from the campground has told you that the water is []

  • "Gold Recovery for Dummies?" - Finishing

    2009-11-19  If the acid solution containing the dissolved gold is murky, it may contain particles and should be re-filtered with a finer grade paper filter. 6. Slowly, add the water/urea (urine ) to the acid solution containing the dissolved gold. The acid solution containing the dissolved gold will foam with the addition of the water/urea (urine).

  • crushing machine partsjaw - Ledsgreen

    2020-6-8  China Crusher Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers Best. The crusher machine is a machine designed to reduce large rocks into smaller rocks gravel or rock powder As the main equipment for mining crusher equipment can be used to reduce the size or shape of waste make it easier to handle or recycle or reduce the size of solid raw material mixtures such as rock ore so that different components

  • Concrete Countertops for Dummies (Beginners) –

    Or, use an Etch-Prep product. Acid stains are well suited for mottled looking patterns, and multiple colors can be used for more color variety. To use multiple stain colors, apply them to the concrete side-by-side, and if you puddle the acid stain, the puddles will bleed into each other for a cool look.

  • Make a CNC Mill With a Laser Cutter Fresadora cnc ...

    28-jul-2014 - Make a CNC Mill With a Laser Cutter: So, you have a CNC laser cutter but you want a CNC mill? Problem solved. This project is a small CNC mill that can be assembled from store-bought and laser-cut parts for about $800 without machine tools. (If you have access to a shop with a chop...

  • Simple acetone wash for (meth)amphetamines and

    sekio edit: Without lab testing, you as a layman can only guess at purity and composition of substances. Reagent color change tests can help to identify pure substances, but are unhelpful at identifying mixtures. Judging purity by weighing what you get out of a wash doesn’t work, either – there’s no guarantee that the residue is amphetamine.

  • Here's How To Lower The Cyanuric Acid Level In Your

    In today's post you're going to learn how to lower cyanuric acid (CYA) in your pool FAST. Here's the thing: When your cyanuric acid (aka pool stabilizer) levels are correct, it's a beautiful thing, maintaining and stabilizing your chlorine levels the way it should be.. But when your cyanuric levels get too high, it can cause trouble, basically rendering your chlorine useless.

  • 42 Best DIY Homemade Cleaning Products images -

    Dec 19, 2016 - Explore lisdym's board "DIY Homemade Cleaning Products", followed by 178 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Homemade cleaning products, Cleaning, Diy cleaning products.

  • Red Phosphorous/Iodine Methamphetamine Synthesis

    So, now we have a jar of water, with this sweet clear oil sitting on top! Now options are to add Hcl acid slowly with stirring until oil layer disappears and then evap the whole lot to get crystals! Or, as I found, you may have some polymer that has come over with the steam and is now sitting in the water layer, and it

  • Making an Easy, Basic Beginner Soap, and Then

    2020-6-9  Making soap isn't difficult. This quick easy beginner soap recipe has a long working time, perfect for beginners. It also comes with fun ideas for personalizing it by adding exfoliants, EO's, etc.

  • Mommypotamus - Natural Health Research and DIY

    2020-7-20  Mommypotamus is a trusted source for health research, providing tested and proven remedies, real food recipes, DIY solutions for moms with young children.

  • DIY: home made shampoo with chickpea flower

    9 thoughts on “ DIY: home made shampoo with chickpea flower ” yliharma Monday May 13, 2013 at 09:28 pm. bello vedere il cambiamento vero? la prima volta che sono tornata dalla parrucchiera dopo essere passata all’ecobio (un mese e mezzo circa) non riusciva a crederci: “ma cosa hai fatto ai capelli??? ma sono bellissimi! lucidi, corposi, morbidi” e io “nienteho solo eliminato ...