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  • What pump for recurculating sluice? - GOLD

    2012-3-24  Thanks for the info, I have a keene a52 sluice I believe is 10 by 48. I would like the pump to be 12volt so I could set it up in the desert. Sawmill is your 2200 gph johnson pump 12volt and also wouldn't it be easier to buy a smaller pump than having to put a valve in to divert excess water, or do you do it that way in case your using it as a highbanker and need the extra power for pumping the ...

  • How to SIZE a Sluice Box - Mineral Processing

    2020-6-25  Optimum Slope of a sluice Slope of a sluice is generally in the range of 1.3 cm (1/2 in.) to 3.8 cm (1-1/2 in.) per 30.5 cm (1 ft), depending on the size rock in the feed. To move the larger rocks down the sluice requires a steeper slope or more water, both of which cause greater gold losses. Any number of types of collectors can be used in a sluice. Most common is the use of astroturf or ...

  • » Setting the Proper Water Velocity Through a Sluice

    As a general rule, the optimum slope-setting of a sluice is around one inch of drop per linear foot of box. This can change, depending upon the volume and velocity of water being used, and/or the average shape, size, volume or weight (specific gravity) of material that you are processing.

  • Choosing Replacement Well Pumps for Your Water

    If your current pump is incorrectly sized to meet your current needs, or you are considering switching, for example, from a submersible pump to a double-drop jet pump, you may need to do a little more research. Your well water professional can answer your questions and offer options for a replacement pump. To determine the size of your current ...

  • Five Sizing Considerations When Choosing a Pump for

    To determine the minimum head height you'll need, measure the vertical height that water must be raised from the pump plus 1/10 of the horizontal distance the water will travel. 4. Discharge diameter. If you plan to use a certain tubing size for your water feature (as would be the case when matching the inlet hole of a fountain feature) refer ...

  • How to use a sluice box - Mineral Processing

    2020-6-25  The slope or grade of a sluice depends on a number of factors including rock size and shape, the amount and composition of sand, type of riffle and depth of water flow. In each case the proper grade must be determined by trial and this can be best done by initially setting the sluice on a grade of about 1 inch fall per foot of length and then ...

  • Building A Recirculating Sluice Box For Gold Prospecting

    2011-11-28  Doing that with only a gold pan is no fun at all. Any serious prospector eventually acquires a sluice box. Sluice boxes allow you to process many times more dirt than you could with a pan alone, and do it quickly and easily. The only problem with sluice boxes is that they need a source of running water

  • Choosing the Right Water Well Pump for You - Mr.

    What Size Well Pump Do I Need? You will also need to determine the best pump size, depending on your water home needs. Pumps are rated in GPM (gallons per minute). A typical 3- to 4-bedroom home requires 8-12 GPM. When determining your home water needs, add one GPM for every water fixture in your home. Such fixtures include clothes washers ...

  • Pick the Right Size Swimming Pool Pump - LiveAbout

    2019-11-4  Get out your calculator to figure out what you need to properly circulate your pool water and squeeze out the most efficiency. Using the example below, substitute your pool's volume and do the math: Remember: Pool Volume (gallons) × 2 = gallons required daily for a 12-hour turn

  • How To Choose the Right Size Pump and Filter for an

    What Size Pool Pump is right for my Above Ground Pool? Round Above Ground Pool: For pools up to 24 Ft Round, use a 1 HP pool pump. For pools over 24 Ft Round, we recommend using a 1.5 HP pool pump. Oval Above Ground Pool: For oval pools up to 15×30, use a 1 HP pool pump. For oval pools over 15×30, we recommend using a 1.5 HP pool pump.

  • gold mining 6 inch water pump -

    Good Quality 1.5″ Smaller Pump POWERS: Raptor Flare – Mini. Click the pic for price. This is a GREAT 1.5″ pump that delivers 57 psi and about 6000 gph. It also cuts about 25 pounds off traditional water pumps. Like all high pressure pumps YOU NEED TO PUT A FINE SCREEN OVER THE INTAKE. High pressure pumps do not like sand and gravel.

  • 7 Best Sluice Box In 2020 A Complete Reviews Guide

    2020-7-18  You will need to perform the process of feeding the gate box too slowly. Slow process: feed the sluice. Sometimes, due to not having knowledge or any other factor, the material is put into the sluice in a very fast way. You should avoid that to achieve better results. If you do it slow, this will prevent it from clogging the rifles.

  • Highbanker pump size (Page 1) / Prospecting

    2015-2-16  Even though the pump has a rubber valve type in it I prefer a foot valve on the inlet. What a foot valve is for it stops the water from draining back. After you have primed every thing up you do not have the hassle of doing it every time you start up. It goes on the suction hose that you drop in the water to pump

  • Horizontal Double Impeller Double Suction Pump For

    Horizontal Double Impeller Double Suction Pump For Water , Find Complete Details about Horizontal Double Impeller Double Suction Pump For Water,Horizontal Double Suction Pumps,Double Suction Pump For Water,Sluice Pump from Pumps Supplier or Manufacturer-Shijiazhuang An Pump

  • Why Are Dredge Sluices So Short? - Sluicing,

    2013-4-12  That's why people size the material going into the sluice. If you have 8 inch rock going in, you need water speed sufficient to push an 8 inch rock, and that will also move small gold out of your sluice no matter how long it is. If you can put 1.5 inch and smaller rock, you can slow the speed down such that you will do much better on small gold.

  • How to Determine GPH Water Flow for Saltwater

    For example, if you are looking at a water pump that is rated at 400 gph, and you have a total of 55 gallons of actual tank water, the pump will turn over the tank water 7.27 times per hour (400 divided by 55 equals 7.27) before filters and other factors reduce the flow.

  • Best Quietest Water Pumps in 2020 (REVIEWS) -

    2019-2-2  Its small size means that you can easily hide it, so it won’t distract from the beauty of your aquarium. It also means more space inside the tank for other items. It’s quiet too, unsurprisingly. Its German-made, so you can rely on its reliability. You even get a 3-year warranty. You can also adjust the water flow if you have a smaller tank.

  • High banker pump size and water feed (Page 1) /

    2017-6-23  09 June 2017 11:34 am. hey Rusty22, What you need in pump size is all about litres per hour not HP, your average 2-4HP engine in Australia sadly only put out about 12,000 litres maximum per hour which really is bugger all but is enough to run a 10 inch dream mat just don't expect loads of jet pressure at your spray bars running it in a highbanker with that flow.

  • General High Banker Instructions

    2014-11-14  It is also important to keep the sluice and hopper “as close to the water level as possible”. If material is being pumped over 12" above the water level, this will substantially reduce the vacuum of the dredge. d. Make sure you have necessary depth to operate the pump. You will need a

  • Keene Pump Specs? - Gold Panning, Sluicing,

    2015-11-29  Anyone know or have a resource for older Keene pump specs. I am looking to put together another dredge and have lots of pumps and motors that I could use just not sure of the outputs with various hp engine set ups. Also I have not been impressed with the Keene triple sluice